furnplan now!

The 3d planningsystem designed
for furniture dealers

About 170 manufacturer catalogs are available free of charge for the furniture trade. Of course, these were created with our complex logic, helping you avoiding mistakes and perform price calculations.

99,- EUR per month for the
complete store

Already for 99,- € / month you enter the 3d world of furnplan. Install furnplan on all computers in the furniture store, because the license is valid for the entire ...


Welcome to furnplan. The software for professional 3D furniture design.

With furnplan you build lightning-fast rooms and creative furniture combinations. Of course expects furnplan you in real time the correct price from. Order your furniture online error-free or use our ERP interfaces for your ERP system.
Due to the simple and intuitive operation of furnplan is planning a visual experience.

Experience for yourself why already put more than 3.600 furniture dealers and more than 170 furniture manufacturers furnplan.

Test furnplan without charge, without obligation and without small print for six whole months!

avoid mistakes

Because of the complex planning programme, furn plan „thinks“ for you an takes over al lot of the planning steps, as well as calculation prices.

top service

We provide free support by phone, e-mail and remote support directly onto your screen.